Enjoy Kabootar Bazi (Flying of Pigeons)

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Enjoy Kabootar Bazi (Flying of Pigeons)

Location : Agra
Duration : One Day Tour

Kabootarbaazi is known as kulkulbaazi in local terms and this art has been Prevalent in Mughal Era.Mughal emperor Akbar was fascinated with Kabootarbaazi.On certain occasions he himself used to watch the competiton and use to award the winners. The game was banned for years but it was revived in 2004 by the District Majistrate of Agra at that time This game is all about discipline The sport is all about love for Pigeons.

During your Agra tour you can enjoy our special product of Pigeon flying for this we take you to the coloney were mainly such people live who have a passion for this game here you can see the pigeons home called Darwa and you meet with the Ustaad (Expert person) who introduced to you all about this art like time to time feather cutting pigeon meals and training process etc.

The competition begins with the Kahlifas (Experts)who order their Birds to join other groups in the air after a few round of flight they start instructing their birds to fly in different directions while the best trained birds comeback intact ,Those not so well trained got confused and fall into the trap of rivals it is all based upon their training most of these peoples living very near to the Tajmahal a place called Tajganj and doing daily practicing as well and you can witness yourself this great sport and have fun.The team who catches maximum number of pigeons will be decided as winner.

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